The guarantees

You have the security of a final and total purchase made in France

  • your payment can be made in cash (maximum 1000 euros), by cash, (1 month before departure maximum) by vacation check or by credit card at our agency or by mail order (mastercard, visa)
  • your purchase is finalized in France and French laws are fully applicable with an important protection for the consumer (see the Hamon law which has just been promulgated), which is not the case for a purchase made abroad.
  • we are IATA approved and can issue regular airline tickets
  • we offer all the guarantees: Assistance insurance, reinsurance, etc...


Before your departure, during your trip

We will provide you with all the necessary elements for your trip before your departure, then on the spot, you will have (specified on our vouchers) an emergency number with a contact 24 hours a day, in order to settle any unforeseen event (air or boat delay, etc...), the staff of our receptive are there to solve all the difficulties that you could meet and to bring their help if necessary, even if that does not concern a reservation (medical problem, unexpected accident, loss of documents or material, administrative assistance and translation etc...)

Why should you choose us for Greece?