Why should you choose us for Greece?

There are several reasons, but mainly because we know this country well, we love it and we want to make you discover it in its diversity and in its totality:

  • for its civilization for more than 4 millennia (Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, classical, Byzantine)
  • its contribution to our European civilization, (philosophy, medicine, sciences, mathematics, bases of the theater etc...)
  • for the beauty of its landscapes, its traditional villages, its seas with clear waters and its Mediterranean climate.
  • and above all for its inhabitants who have, like all people, faults but have a sense of welcome "philoxenia": hospitality. To discover a country is to understand its inhabitants and their way of life, by living at the Greek time, it is for these reasons that we privilege hotels without pension and do not have "club hotels".
  • But also in order to allow you to discover regions still little visited like Pelion, Zagoria, Macedonia with its villages and its archaeological sites, the magnificent beaches of the peninsula of Sithonia, green islands like Thassos Ikaria, Samos etc...

But also in order to help you in the organization of your trip because Greece is not always as easy as one can think to visit because :

  • the connections between the regions are not always easy. Greece is a country that seems small but it is very fragmented. The islands are sometimes very far from each other and the transport between the various islands is sometimes delicate (for reasons of wind in the summer "the meltem" or of modification of schedules made unexpectedly by the various shipping companies). Our local receptives are always present to help you when this type of problem occurs and solve the difficulties encountered (modification of hotel reservations, modification of ferry tickets etc...)
  • On the other hand, the hotel categories have been modified according to criteria that are sometimes unwise, so that hotels classified as 2, 3 or 4 stars have neither the quality nor the corresponding service (especially according to international standards). Our knowledge of the country allows us to compensate for these various hazards in order to offer you the best of Greece, with a maximum quality-price ratio.


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