Concerning our prices

The negotiated rates that we have allow us to have competitive prices even compared to a local receptive company that sells directly, because we rely on important local agencies that have existed for at least 10 years (and 30 years for some). They receive many travelers from various countries in the world (several thousands at least), they have the possibility to negotiate particular rates with the hoteliers and adapt easily to the various travelers even if they have different needs.

You will therefore have the expertise of a French professional and that of a local incoming agency.

Let's not forget the truth about prices: the direct price by a local agency is not always the cheapest if there is no expert control, and anyway, the one who would put you in touch with this local agency receives a commission for its contact service, this intermediary exists even if he does not receive directly the money you pay locally, the retrocession of his share is effective.

Why should you choose us for Greece?